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The scientific program consists of two directions:

Direction 1 – Issues concerning competitions, judgement and experimentation

What role can competitions fulfill in improving the architectural quality and renewal of the discipline and architecture as a profession? 

The first direction develops research both historically and theoretically in order to better understand the ways of organizing competitions based on economic and cultural contexts. In particular, this consists in contributing to the modeling of qualitative assessment practices while illuminating forms of experimentation related to a competition. Comparative analyses of international competitions are intended to clarify the contribution of architecture to the striking transformation of society and culture according to the principle of the "Annual Review of architectural competitions". Note that the state of competitions is considered here as a vantage point for architectural research and not as the sole device for the production of architectural quality.

Direction 2 – Issues concerning analogical reasoning, modeling and design in architecture

How do architects design and construct a project? What is the role of analogical reasoning in the design and judgement process of a project? How are architects modelling a project in anticipation of a competition? 

Without limiting the analysis to situations regarding competitions, the second research direction develops cognitive and theoretical research on models, methods, creative and reflective practices concerning design (design thinking). Transdisciplinary approaches can refine an understanding of the practical and theoretical uses of analogical thinking in architecture. Methodologically, the use of case studies resides in a constructivist epistemological perspective and does not constitute a psychological practice.



The transfer and broadcasting program is based on two core activities:

A – Creation of relational databases on a collection of competition

At a national (canadian) scale:

  • Technological development (new interfaces for consultation and research) and regular updates of the Canadian Competitions Catalogue (www.ccc.umontreal.ca) considered both as a tool for research and broadcasting, new funding strategies with the support the BRDV.

At an international scale :

  • Establishment of an international competition repertoire available to the public.
  • Documentation of international architectural competitions (France, Switzerland, Brazil, etc.).
  • Compilation of data permitting an annual review of competitions (International comparative annual review of architectural competitions).

B – Development of an international research competitions network

  • Organization, launch and editorship of an International Journal of Architectural Competitions (IJAC), digital quarterly publishing and annual reports. Implementation of several prizes and awards granted to outstanding competition throughout world.
  • Contribution to the revision of the guide to competitions provided by the International Union of Architects.
  • Activities including expert reviews, outreach and media relations (comments before and after a competition).
  • Networking activities at Canadian institutions (Architecture Canada, OAQ, etc..) and internationally (International Union of Architects (Paris), Europan, Brazil, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany (Wettbewerde aktuell), United States (Competition magazine), China, etc.



2012 - Jean-Pierre Chupin receives substantial financial support from the CFI Leaders Fund (Innovations Canada) for the Research Chair on competitions for new digitization equipment and high level hardware as well as the redesign of the computer database of the Canadian Competitions Catalogue: Digital library of Canadian architecture, urbanism and landscape competition projects (Biblio_Pro_CCC 2.0)   
(Subvention FCI)

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Research Chair on Competitions and Contemporary Practices in Architecture